October 4, 2018
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Dare NYC: what’s your big idea?

We tap into all our creative talent to evolve the brand. At the beginning of October, sixty LVMH employees, including 11 from Louis Vuitton were brought to NYC from all over the Americas to pitch ideas and form a business plan over this exciting 4-day event. Four ideas were chosen and are being put into action as we speak. We are especially proud of our two winning ideas proposed by the Louis Vuitton participants and are thrilled to have a culture that generates innovative thinking and opportunities.

The event itself was a pivotal experience for all who participated. Jean-Jacques, Louis Vuitton Director of Compensation and Benefits, enjoyed getting to know new colleagues and learning inside information on the business: “Participants were really open-minded and eager to participate in the event, and because of the diverse backgrounds of the participants, it allowed us all to have a deep learning experience. I discovered teamwork can be done in a very short amount of time when we maximize the skills of every member. I also learned so much about our sister brands because several pitches were so qualitative that they were like a training session.”

Will you be the next to dare?