14 Juin 2022
Article-reading-time 4 min

Métiers d’Excellence at Louis Vuitton


Deyan, Claire, Christelle and Luc have more than perfect mastery of the savoir-faire at the heart of their jobs at Louis Vuitton. Each works as part of the Maison’s Métiers d’Excellence, designating the many and varied creative, design, and client service professions integral to Louis Vuitton’s activities. They master not only the technical aspects of their jobs, but also share their passion and perpetuate their craft.  The women and men of the Métiers d’Excellence master all kinds of collections including leather goods, ready-to-wear and fine jewelry, they design the architecture of Louis Vuitton stores and store windows, they advise clients or personalize their purchases by hand. Meet some of the teams that work within Louis Vuitton’s Métiers d’Excellence in this video where they share their passion for their craft in their own words.

The Métiers d'Excellence are actively recruiting. Explore the positions currently available in Design and Creation, Production and Manufacturing, Visual Merchandising and Retail