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Recruitment process

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    The meeting with one of our HR team members

    This face-to-face meeting is a key stage, and will give you the opportunity to introduce yourself and talk about the vacancy that you’re interested in. We’ll want to know more about your education and training, your career so far, your expectations and your skills. You can ask us questions about our attitudes and mindset, our culture, our sales rituals, our requirements, the pace at which we work, our organizational structure, our client focus, our employee focus… and any other questions you may have.


    Before the interview, we suggest that you immerse yourself in our world by visiting at least one of our stores. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the history of our Maison. And with its products. This will give you a few key insights in preparation for your in-store meeting with our Human Resources Manager.

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    The meeting with your line manager

    This essential meeting will allow you to get to know your (future) immediate point of contact and line manager. A Client Advisor will meet with his/her Team Manager. A Team Manager will meet with his/her Store Manager. A Store Manager will meet with his/her General Manager.


    It’s possible that you may be contacted to attend further interviews. Every recruitment is unique. We like to compare opinions with you, and help you to do the same.

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    The meeting with your senior manager

    If you are applying to be a Client Advisor, this interview will be with the Store Manager. Team Manager applicants will meet with a General Manager. The purpose of this interview is to explore in more detail what we expect of you, both in terms of our clients and as a member of your team. The meeting may also include the Human Resources Director.


    Depending on the vacancy you’re applying for, your recruitment may take from a few days to a few months.

  • 4/4

    The meeting with the Zone President

    Do you share the same vision of management? The same development strategies? The same sense of client relations? These questions may be addressed during this meeting for potential Team Managers and Store Managers.

  • At Corporate level, every vacancy
    is unique and every recruitment process is specific to the applicant we are meeting with.

    The stages of that process will vary depending on the context and challenges, the manager concerned, your future responsibilities and your career so far.

    At the very least, you will meet the following people in face-to-face interviews:

    • Our Recruitment & Human Resources teams
    • Your Manager

    These interviews are designed to find out more about your career so far, your expectations, your skills and your aspirations. You can ask us questions about our attitudes and mindset, our culture, our requirements, our operating methods and our organizational structure. We like to compare opinions with you, and help you to do the same.

    Please bring with you your resume and your book, if you have one.


    Reread the vacancy that you’ve applied for in order to prepare all your questions. We also suggest that you learn as much as you can about our Maison, our métiers and our business activities by visiting one of our stores, for example, and viewing our social media pages.