Personalization Advisor

Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR
21 October 2021
Permanent Job



The Personalization Advisor is our inhouse artist for the overall animation of the Savoir Faire/Made to Order space, providing personalization services (Sketch, Design propose, Painting), special order services to clients.



To be successful in this role you will need to possess extensive hand painting artistic skill and the ability to interpret and visualize client’s desired concept as well as acting as Savoir Faire ambassador for the Louis Vuitton culture, history and craftsmanship. Passion is at the heart of our work; we value commitment in everything we accomplish.

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Job Duties & Responsibilities

Personalization service

  • Ideate, sketch, and visualize pattern of personalization on hard sided pieces based on client’s request
  • Provide draft and design advice to clients and finalize the drawing proposal
  • Paint and refine the drawing on hard sided pieces and revise until product redemption

Client appointment facilitation

  • Partner with selling team to promote craftmanship and personalization service of Vuitton to clients
  • Provide personalized gifts (cards, sketches etc.) on clients’ special occasions to enhance client engagement
  • Lead and showcase personalization service at animation area in Savoir Faire events in store or offsite when needed

Apprentice training and development (applies for experienced Personalization Advisor)

  • Train intake Personalization Advisor apprentice with hand painting artistic skill
  • Assist Team Manager to coach and develop apprentice clienteling skill to facilitate client appointment

Additional Information

We welcome any candidates with passion to apply for this position. A technical test will be arranged later and based on the level of illustration and drawing; we will offer job opportunity. Candidates with less experience will be considered as Personalization Advisor Apprentice.

Reference: LVM14563