Expert Client Advisor - WRTW, Harrods

London, United Kingdom
21 September 2022
Permanent Job


As an Expert Client Advisor, you will be passionate about the Brand, the category you are an Expert in, and the DNA of Louis Vuitton. You will have a high level of story-telling and excellent communication skills and be a sales leader in your area of expertise, consistently remaining the Top Seller in your category. Candidates must have experience cultivating trusting relationships with clients and demonstrate impeccable product knowledge in their chosen field and maintain a highly analytical and commercial ability (be able to analyse a business, draw conclusions from data, etc)


Product Expertise

  • You will possess and maintain a strong, in-depth, and highly technical expertise of your product category which you will use to drive the category forward
  • You will be the “go to” person in store for any technical questions from clients, and for selling and clieteling techniques to do with your chosen category, providing expertise and comprehensive advice on your product category (whether style related or technical), supporting team members when they have Clients requiring more detailed information
  • You will use your product expertise to inspire clients and the team, and promote commercial strategies

Driving the Women's Ready to Wear Business In Store

  • In store, you will have the ability to analyse and drive your product category forward, all the while being aware of your targets and KPI’s each month
  • Be a partner to the Manager in charge of your category; provide the Head Office with feedback (product performance, quality, Client related information, local market, competitors, trends, missing opportunities…)
  • By putting in place action plans, you will pro-actively drive the business and maximize product performance, leveraging visual merchandising, clienteling, training, and team animation

Product Training & New Launches

  • You will use your product expertise to communicate and inspire the team on corporate strategy and relevant business information (animate morning briefings, trainings, 1:1 coaching).
  • You will observe the team during the selling ceremony and partner with them to introduce your product category and spot high potential clients.
  • By analyzing product performance, you will meet 1:1 with Client Advisors to coach and develop bespoke action plans relating to your category, and provide feedback on individual performance to Managers.

Client Development

  • You will develop and implement clienteling strategies for the Women's Ready to Wear category. You will spend time spotting future high potential clients on the floor, developing event ideas focusing on your category, reviewing client lists (sleepers, etc) and growing the client base for your specific metier.
  • Lead by example in the management of your own portfolio of Clients, demonstrating best in class clienteling actions

Additional information

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Reference: LVM18193