October 4, 2018
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The Butterfly Prize for Sustainable Luxury

Some accolades have more impact than others. This one recognizes the efforts of the Maison towards a more responsible world. Bestowed by Positive Luxury, the organization that certifies sustainable luxury businesses, the Butterfly Trust Mark reaffirms the positive impact of Louis Vuitton on the planet and its populations. It’s judged by five criteria: governance, social framework, philanthropy and innovation. “Great design, sustainability and a great business do go hand in hand,” confirms Michael Burke, Louis Vuitton CEO.

Louis Vuitton goes beyond the basic norms fixed by international law. Fostering gender equality, developing packaging that respects the environment and uses renewable energies, reducing CO2 emissions and waste, and promoting new cotton farming methods with the Better Cotton Initiative – these are some of the challenges met by our Maison.