April 24 2019
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We believe people make the difference

Louis Vuitton is committed to inspiring our people, fostering passion and developing our teams in creative ways.

Annually, our Store Managers, Regional Teams and Corporate Partners come together for an interactive Retail Summit to do just that! This year, we invited everyone to sunny Santa Barbara, California for a few days of collaboration. 

We believe transparency and teamwork creates success. We hosted workshops and trainings from our LV experts to share and discuss our specific goals for 2019.  We wanted to hear from our people, so we provided unique brainstorming spaces for teams to come together cross functionally and develop solutions to shape our business that will be implemented this year.

Most importantly, we celebrated our team because we believe people make the difference.

We have a unique way of building our brand that involves every member of our team. If you think outside the box and want to enjoy exceptional experiences with opportunities to build meaningful relationships, you should join us!