May 15, 2018
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On May 14 and 15, 2018, Louis Vuitton’s logistics center held its hackathon. We headed over to the 20,000m² facility in Cergy-Pontoise, an ultra-modern “green building” from where the Maison’s creations are shipped around the world.

The challenge? Two days and two nights to rethink the customer experience of the future and imagine a logistics model for the coming years. 80 employees from across the Group & representing many nationalities and departments (including e-commerce, retail, supply-chain, merchandising and many more) worked in collaboration with a team of coaches and mentors.

The Maison’s hackers had ideas flowing in record time, harnessing their team spirit to bolster excellence at Louis Vuitton, with many innovation and disruptive projects based on the digital transformation and problem solving systems. It was an enriching experience that consolidated the sense of belonging across all of our departments and brought our teams closer together. Some left feeling more victorious than others, but the coaches will be back to get their revenge! So what’s the next nut to crack?