November 7 2019
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Future LIFE Event

Joining Louis Vuitton is becoming part of the LVMH family, home to 75 distinguished houses in 6 different sectors and growing!

Belonging to LVMH is one of the greatest benefits of the brand because LVMH is synonymous with collaborative innovation.  

Most recently, LVMH held the Future LIFE (LVMH Initiatives for the Environment) 2020 event in New York, where the Group shared progress of our LIFE goals. Five of our brands shared their best sustainability practices & ideas implemented throughout North America with Chairman & CEO of LVMH North America, Anish Melwani, and the Senior Vice President of Environment for LVMH Group, Sylvie Bénard, facilitating the discussion.

Each brand is committing to various goals & initiatives on product eco-design, sourcing and waste management & energy consumption. The attendees also attended a networking event where they had the chance to exchange on their learnings from the session as well as how they can partner in the future to make a greater impact.

Louis Vuitton had the opportunity to share our most epic triumphs, including hosting a sustainable fashion show, becoming re-ISO 14001 certified, developing an exceptionally green distribution center and many park and beach clean ups across the entire zone.

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