September 18 2019
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The Client Services Team is Calling You!

Clients’ journeys with the brand begins and/or continues digitally via our Client Services team. This team is exceptionally talented and offers our clients the same distinctively Vuitton experience through our website and via phone in our state-of-the-art call center based in Texas.

In addition, they service almost all Louis Vuitton stores in North America, extending support to both clients and retails teams through a dynamic, versatile scope.

The most exceptional part of Louis Vuitton Americas’ Client Services Center is the team. They exemplify the meaning of community. Jerry Killian explains, “I am surrounded by people who lead from the heart and care deeply about their teams. I couldn’t be prouder.” They redefine synergy in their day-to-day to provide an exceptional experience and evolve our digital network.

Do you want to collaborate within an extraordinary team? Join us for the holiday season! 

image of the team