May 13 2019
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Creating a Better Tomorrow

LBV Preserves is part of our #LaBelleVieAtLV initiative, or #TheBeautifulLifeAtLV and it provides opportunities to be more sustainable.


Under LBV Preserves, we celebrated Earth Month with the Green Team! We kicked off April with our Green Contest. Retail and regional teams brainstormed exceptional ideas to create more sustainable stores. After carefully reviewing all proposals, the Green Team is implementing the winning idea across North and South America.


Along with this, our teams celebrated Earth Month in a bespoke way. The Client Service Center went PAPERLESS! They celebrated their accomplishment on Earth Day with sustainability awareness activities. Our retail teams initiated new ways to be greener and spread awareness, including implementing a beach clean-up. Our corporate team held weekly challenges to reduce our consumption of electricity, paper and plastic. 


Sustainability is a year-round initiative. Our Green Team constantly inspires us to continue the habits formed during Earth Month and initiate new ways we can be more sustainable. 


Do you believe in creating a better tomorrow? Check out our job opportunities and join us!

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