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Tailormade careers

At Louis Vuitton, each career is a unique voyage to be charted and planned. Together. From your induction to the training programs that will mark the milestones of your career, we help you to learn with us.

Induction Days

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Discovery, induction, immersion

Your first steps with Louis Vuitton are always made as a team member. Beginning with your manager and your new colleagues for personalized support. Then, at Headquarters or in a Workshop, you will receive your own tailormade induction training program. History, visits, creation... you will enter the Maison through meeting others, sharing and learning.


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Invested in our talents

To succeed the challenges ahead of you, we have put in place a series of training programs specific to each of our business sectors: Manufacturing & Supply Chain, Retail and Corporate. These programs are tailormade to your career path and missions. Interns and work/study trainees also receive close support In the workplace to help them develop and learn with us.


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At Louis Vuitton, go beyond a metier, a country, a Maison.

Customised mobility