February 17 2020
Article-reading-time 10 min

Cergy: people-centric logistics

For 30 years, Cergy has been home to our logistics and supply chain teams, and has grown over the intervening years to become the Maison’s largest logistics center in the world.

With a broad diversity of backgrounds and career paths, these teams work hand-in-hand towards a common goal: delivering the right product to the right place at the right time. Accuracy, anticipation and excellence come together in a race against time to deliver customer satisfaction worldwide.

In this video, we meet Cergy team members Hélène, Bruno, Sandra, Ouissam, Maïte, Vincent, Rizlène, Thomas, Stéphane, Jimmy, Flavien, Damien and Didier who tell us their stories and explain the passion that inspires them every day.