South Asian team
March 7 2019
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Connecting with Young Talents

As part of our continous effort in building a strong store leadership talent pipeline, the Singapore HR team participated in a LVMH recruitment drive for young talents on 26 January 2019. The event attracted a total of 200 young talents from top local universities.

During the session, the Louis Vuitton Retail Management Trainee program was introduced to give the young talents an idea of how they can accelerate their career with Vuitton as a future retail leader within 24 months.

A corporate Instagram account (LVSG Careers) was created which served as an excellent platform for the young talents to connect and ask questions to the HR team. Instagram stories were used to showcase the development journey of some of our existing employees who joined us as their first job after graduation.

It was a great session which created alot of buzz and interest among the young talents, and potential candidates were also identified through this session.