team in front of a building
June 6 2020
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Environment: our teams into action!

Our teams are active on the front lines each day to lead the way towards excellence in environmental responsibility. Here are their testimonials around the three pillars of our environmental strategy. 

Preserving natural capital

Whether animal, vegetable or mineral, all the raw materials used to make and protect our products come from nature.

picture of leather

To date, 78% of Louis Vuitton's leathers come from LWG certified tanneries, the highest environmental standard in terms of leather work, traceability and animal welfare” underlines Guilaine, Leather Activity Manager.  

Limiting climate change

Regular carbon footprint analyses enable us to measure the CO2 emissions generated by our activities and prioritize our initiatives for reducing them.

Thanks to the use of sustainable materials, such as timber and glass, the predominance of natural light and the recycling of waste and wastewater, energy use of  Beaulieu French workshop has been reduced by two-thirds compared to the previous generation of workshops” explains Thibaut, Purchase Manager.

Promoting ecoconception

Our teams reinvent the way we design our products, events and windows by integrating environment at every stage of the creative and development process.

two employees with fishes for Windows

The shoals of fish decorating currently our windows are made of plastic from recycled marine debris,” specifies Laurence, Windows Manager.