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Connected with passion

Our team spirit feeds on challenges. Working together strenghtens our passion. Our differences make us stronger. Louis Vuitton is an adventure.


Louis Vuitton was an entrepreneur and his pioneering spirit still dominates the Maison today. That continuum of excitement and sparkle is the basis for our success.
Induction day, 2017, Asnières
Internal event “Catherinettes et Nicolas”, 2017, Paris
The Digital Experience & Performance team, The Lab, Paris
The Digital Experience & Performance team, The Lab, Paris
Hackathon Louis Vuitton 2018
Hackathon Louis Vuitton 2018
Hackathon Louis Vuitton 2018
Hackathon Louis Vuitton 2018
Hackathon Louis Vuitton 2018
Hackathon Louis Vuitton 2018
Hackathon Louis Vuitton 2018

Working together

At Louis Vuitton, we’re committed to nurturing and developing different talents, regardless of career path.

Sharing my story helped to unify the team

Head Office General Accounting

Deafness forced her to give up work in 2014. “I thought I’d reached my limits,” explains Aline. "But with the help of the Headquarters Medical Service, an action plan was implemented to work around her disability. We held awareness-raising workshop sessions for her team and department." Aline’s workstation was also optimized. Today, she works facing her colleagues and has a series of adapted resources to make conversation easier. “Sharing my story with my colleagues has been good for me and has helped to unify the team,” says Aline.

Aline, Head Office General Accounting

Small actions that change everything

Taking care of our talented people means looking after their wellbeing. Here are just some of the ways we do that:

We continually review and redesign workstation and resource ergonomics to adapt to the needs of everyone and prevent the emergence of disability.

We support young parents in finding places in childcare centers thanks to our partnership with 1001 crèches.

We hold regular on-site yoga and sports lessons nearby.

Sharing our commitment

A more sustainable world is a no-brainer when travel is part of your DNA and is a necessary vision when you talk the language of luxury. A more sustainable world is an ambition we are working towards through four commitments central to our métiers.


Creating and designing for the long haul

Our products are designed to be handed down from generation to generation. This belief guides us at every stage from creation through the choice of materials to manufacture. Therefore, 40% of our creative teams are trained in sustainable design. Our workshops are certified compliant with ISO14001 and our facilities, like the ones at Marsaz and Eole, have been built in accordance with the most demanding High Quality Environmental and LEED eco-construction standards.


Protecting biodiversity

We understand the need to respect nature in order to protect and conserve the top-quality natural materials we use in our products. To achieve that, we target the most demanding environmental standards, such as Leather Working Group certification for our tanneries, and Forest Stewardship Council certification for the paper we source for our packaging.


Taking action on climate change

At Louis Vuitton, half of our CO2 emissions are generated by our consumption of energy. And 80% of that impact originates with our stores. Over the past 15 years, we’ve reduced this impact by 12% by making adventurous lighting choices. To ship our products, we’re piloting an ambitious continuous improvement program that ranges from appointing committed transportation providers to reducing our packaging, and selecting low-emission vehicle fleets.


Asserting our identity as a responsible business

High environmental and social performance are central concerns for Louis Vuitton. That's why we focus on optimization, the circular economy and recycling when selecting materials. To make sure that nothing is wasted and everything is used. We also make donations that encourage and promote reemployment by non-profit organizations in the social and solidarity economy, and channel the profits made from recycling our metal components to in-house environmental projects to create a virtuous circle.

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