October 12, 2018
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Join us: Recruitment Day

Why join us at Recruitment Day? This could be your opportunity to meet your potential team in person in a relaxed and friendly environment. Dallas NorthPark Women’s Store Manager, Alicia Rogers-Mattich describes why meeting recruits here creates an exceptional hiring process, “Recruitment Day is a great event to reach multiple candidates with great backgrounds, as well as create an interactive interview process truly highlighting the candidates’ talents and personality.” Here, we truly learn about our potential team members and we offer individuals the opportunity to get a first hand experience of Louis Vuitton as an employer by introducing them to a number of our employees and company culture. Laura Russell, Team Manager, Houston Galleria, describes the event, “Our common goal for the Recruitment Day was to share our team culture with the talent pool and ultimately strengthen our team for the future. As a Team Manager, a recruitment day is a personal opportunity to strengthen my skill set within talent acquisition and assist with identifying top talent.” So, how do we discover top talent? Our Talent Acquisition Coordinator, Southeast and Central, Marlon Espinosa is an expert on such events and feels that “A successful Recruitment Day begins with the appropriate candidate outreach, followed by keeping in mind the 4 Louis Vuitton attitudes and trying to identify each and one of them in every single candidate.” Are you top talent? Join us at the next recruitment event near you.